Last week we gave a webinar in conjunction with the Georgia Department of Education on how to integrate and find digital resources to complement the Common Core. In case you missed it or would like to review it again, you can listen to the archived version here.

We packed a lot of information in that one hour. After listening to it, if you’re not sure where to start, I’ve summed up some of the key points and suggest where you should navigate to in order to get you going. And if you have any questions or have suggestions for fellow educators, please post them here.

Common Core Refresher

According to ELA Literacy Specialist, Daniel Rock, here is what the Common Core GPS focuses on:

  • Shifting away from teachers simply lecturing to teachers helping students build knowledge through reading non-fictional texts.
  • Encouraging students to state their cases based on the text that they read.
  • Increasing the level of difficulty in the texts introduced.

Georgia Department of Education Resources

Here is a quick list of helpful links Rock referred to in his presentation to support your teaching:

  • Georgia - It’s a thorough hub for links to lesson plans, unit planners and a host of tools educators can use.
  • - It helps you easily identify what books students should read and how complex they are.
  • GALILEO - It’s the repository for non-fictional texts. (Don’t forget to take the webinars on how to use it.)
  • GA DOE Wiki - It has every resource the DOE could think of on the subject plus since wikis are collaborative websites, you can login in and post your comments, recommendations and questions there.

Sign up for PBS Learning Media

I gave a tour of this new and easy to use multimedia portal that features the best of public media content. One of the best things about PBS Learning Media is that the content is tailored for the classroom and contains many shows you know and trust. Make sure you have signed up for it, it’s free!

Digital literacy is also part of increasing “text” complexity as it requires students to build their arguments through multimedia content they have consumed.

Recommended Content:

By the way, PBS Learning Media has compiled several videos to help you Teach to the Core this month. So check out those out when you go to the site.

Oldies But Goodies from GPB

Heather Neal gave a great overview on how the content you’re largely familiar with from GPB can support the Common Core