Vicki Davis and I are all smiles after being dolled up in the make-up room.

I have been following Vicki Davis aka @coolcatteacher on Twitter long before I came back to GPB almost two years ago. I met her during the taping for the Ignite Show on Tuesday. It was like the day I met Janet Jackson back when I used to cover entertainment news. I had to keep my composure!

You see Vicki is an Ed Tech Rock Star to me, though she humbly doesn’t claim that title. But I’m a fan of hers because she not only knows a lot but she shares her knowledge through her blogs, wikis, Twitter feed and the other digital resources she uses. She is all about empowering educators.

It probably was not her intention but, through Twitter, she’s amassed thousands of mentees - not just fans.

But there was nothing like meeting her in person. True to the helpful and generous persona she exudes online, she shared some of her tricks that you and I can apply right away. Here are some of them:

  • She spends 15 minutes a day trying out new tech tools to keep abreast of new technologies.
  • She takes one day a week to write out all of her blog posts for that week and schedules them.
  • She keeps a set list of where she will distribute her posts.
  • She uses the scheduling and sharing tools Social Bro and Buffer to schedule her Tweets and Facebook posts efficiently.

Thank you Vicki for this great advice. If you don’t know Vicki, I encourage you to follow her @coolcatteacher on Twitter; check out her blog posts at and her site She’s also a thought leader in residence for The Ignite Show so be sure to keep up with her there too.

Educators need mentors too! So who do you consider your education tech rock stars or education superstars you admire, have inspired you and taught you much? Leave a comment about it here. We’d love to know your story.