Google has just issued a gift to the tech savvy and tech curious. It’s called the Go Mobile or Go Mo for short.  It allows you to create a mobile friendly version of your website. This is a great tool for educators, who want to learn more about how to create mobile applications but don’t have the time to get their hands dirty with programming.

It also potentially has a variety of uses in the classroom. Language arts or journalism teachers can have students create a mobile friendly version of the school website or yearbook. Business ed teachers can assign students to create mobile versions of their project websites. The possibilities are endless.

Go Mo is very easy to use. Simply type in your site’s web address in the form field. Then choose a mobile site template; customize it with colors, fonts and a logo. Sign up for GoMo and voila your site is mobile! What is great about this tool is that your site is compatible with Android and iPhones.

There is some fine print. GoMo is free for the first year but $108 dollars for the year after that. Try it out (scroll down and view the how to video) and leave a comment about how you fare. Also if you have another tool you are using to create mobile sites please share it.

And for options on how to build apps for free or at a low cost, check out my post How to be as App Savvy as a 6th Grader.