Starting today, I'm launching a regular blog feature: Tech Thursdays. Every Thursday morning I will profile a tech tool or site useful to educators.
Learnist is a new site that piqued my attention because it's modeled after
Pinterest but made specifically to promote learning.

Pinterest as you may or may not know is a social bulletin board site that allows users to create online photo boards of the things they like by pinning them. Other Pinterest users may see your board and can pin your photos again.

is trying to work the same way. Users can pin online educational content to boards they create. Where it is different from Pinterest is that users suggest the order in which each piece of content is viewed. In other words, there is a clear path to learning.

Plus educators are creating the boards, making them of higher quality.

Right now Learnist is an invite only community. So head to the site to request one.

You can read more about Learnist in Mashable. High School Social Studies teacher Richard Byrne also has an article on it too.