To convince Valeria to stay, Lombardi promises to reopen the case of her father's murder

Episode 8 Thou Shalt Not Kill

Premiered November 19, 2020
Episode 8

This time, however, Valeria isn't there to question those close to the victim, as she is in Rome regarding her imminent transfer. Andrea Russo, her right-hand man, sees to it, although not as talented, he is definitely just as interesting. To convince Valeria to stay, Lombardi promises that they will reopen the case of her father's murder.

About the Program

Thou Shalt Not Kill

Stubborn and determined detective Valeria Ferro endeavors to solve the challenging puzzles behind crimes motivated by jealousy, vendettas, and repressed anger to seek the truth and justice. She struggles with her own demons from her past that come back to life when her mother is released from jail after seventeen years.From Walter Presents, in Italian with English subtitles.

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