Phryne and Jack accept they work better together in the interests of “law and order”!

The Blood of Juana the Mad Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Premiered May 01, 2024
The Blood of Juana the Mad

When the fresh corpse of a professor turns up in place of a cadaver in an anatomy lecture, Phryne and Jack need to work together. As they step around each other to investigate the murder and the disappearance of a valuable manuscript, a web of college pranking, politics and eugenics theory looks set to unravel. Not only do they solve the crime, but Jack and Phryne accept they work better together.

About the Program

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Australian television mystery/drama series that is based on author Kerry Greenwood's series of Phryne Fisher detective novels. Detective Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis) is known for her sharp wit and pearl-handled pistol, which she uses to fight injustice in Melbourne during the 1920s. She fights for justice for people who can't help themselves.

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