On day 11, the house passes HB 873 & Donna Lowry sits down with Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan.

Lawmakers Day 11 02/03/22 Lawmakers

Premiered February 04, 2022
Lawmakers Day 11 02/03/22

On day 11, the house passes HB 873 which revises district boundaries for the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners. Rep. Philip Singleton shares details on legislation regarding gender in K-12 girls' sports. Rep. Matt Wilson, who opposes the bill, joins host Donna Lowry to discuss the issue on Lawmakers. She also sits down with Lt. Governor Duncan for an update on his top legislative priorities.

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“Lawmakers” provides daily, in-depth coverage of the state legislature, and reports on the issues and people that affect your taxes, jobs, schools and environment.

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