Donna and our panel discuss the new permit-less conceal carry law and the spike in crime.

Episode 1 Lawmakers: Beyond the Dome

Premiered July 28, 2022
Episode 1

Lawmakers: Beyond the Dome debuts with host Donna Lowry and guests exploring the recently signed, permit-less conceal carry law and how it affects both citizens as well as the law enforcement officials tasked with enforcing it They also look at the spike in violent crime across the state, break down the numbers and discuss what you need to know about the issue.

About the Program

Lawmakers: Beyond the Dome

GPB’s ”Lawmakers: Beyond The Dome” goes beyond the legislature, to find out how recently passed laws impact Georgians and the officials tasked with carrying out those new laws. Ever wonder what happens after the governor signs the legislation, and the cameras turn to the next issue? This GPB Original hosted by Donna Lowry, has the answers.

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