Old Town, Neptune Fountain, Amber Museum, Battle of Westerplatte, St. Mary’s Basilica.

Curious Gdańsk Curious Traveler

Premiered October 15, 2023
Curious Gdańsk

Christine explores Gdanńsk’s history as a Baltic seaport and its medieval trade with Holland. In Main Town Hall, she investigates the art of the council room. Then she explains the influences of the Gdañsk city crest and visits Gdañsk’s Neptune Fountain and the Long Market. Lastly, she explores the WWII sites at Westerplatte Peninsula and the treasures of St. Mary’s Basilica, and the Amber Museum.

About the Program

Curious Traveler

Remember when you were young and had that childlike wonder about everything you saw? Well, Christine van Blokland, the Emmy-winning host and writer of CURIOUS TRAVELER, never quite outgrew that inquisitive phase. As an arts and travel reporter for the past 20 years, she now shares that insatiable curiosity for the exciting, inspiring and beautiful world around us in this unique travel series.

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