GPB's Door to Door canvassing is currently suspended due to COVID-19. 

Once it is safe, GPB may be coming to your neightborhoo! GPB’s team of ambassadors go Door to Door in communities across Georgia to help spread the word about the programs and services we offer and encourage support for GPB.  Our canvassers allow us to personally convey the importance of public broadcasting to thousands of people every week.

Contributions from you and your neighbors make the high quality public media content and educational services GPB provides possible.  By contributing to GPB through one of our canvassers, you help us further our mission to enrich the lives of Georgians through engaging and essential programs and services.
If you’ve already donated through one of GPB’s Door to Door canvassers, thank you! If you are still deciding please do your part and Donate to GPB now.

Meet our Door to Door Canvassing team. If you see them in your neighborhood, say hello and tell them about your favorite GPB programs and services! If you are already supporter of GPB, they might stop by to say, “Thank you!”