LISTEN: A new autism center in Atlanta will help preschool-aged children learn life skills in preparation for attending elementary school. GPB’s Ellen Eldridge reports.

An adult helps a toddler reach something on a table

Centria Autism's Life Skills Autism Academy (LSAA) center in Atlanta is the company's first location in Georgia.

Credit: Contributed/Centria Autism

Centria Autism, a national Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy provider, recently opened a center for children with autism in Atlanta. 

Life Skills Autism Academy provides individualized treatment plans to help children with autism develop social, academic and life skills, such as dressing, toileting, washing hands and so on.

"We are as much as possible replicating an early childhood education setting with everything tailored to them, specifically to their individual needs, while also allowing for us to work on social skills with similar age peers," Director of Clinical Services Dr. Halee Royal said.

The goal is for every child to be able to transition into some type of educational setting by age 6.

"The point of early intervention is to, hopefully, decrease the intensity of needs that a child would need later in life," she said. "So, the earlier we get them started, the better."

The center in Southwest Atlanta plans to enroll up to 76 students aged 5 and younger.