Falcons head coach Arthur Smith has become a very hot topic in Atlanta. 

Following Sunday's loss in Charlotte to the Carolina Panthers, the league’s worst team, questions concerning the Falcons abound.

The Smith-led team gained just 204 offensive yards, opting to ignore first-round pick, running back Bijan Robinson in favor of Tyler Allgeier.

The Falcons are on the cusp of their third straight losing season under Smith. 

Owner Arthur Blank has been quiet on the status of his head coach, until now. 

Tuesday he spoke with GPB’s Jeff Hullinger from the Blank Family Foundation building, inside the John Lewis Library.

Jeff Hullinger: In 2024, is Arthur Smith going to be your head football coach?

Arthur Blank: We are committed to Coach Smith. We are going to play these last three games; we are committed to win. We will let the season play out and go from there. Obviously, this has not been the kind of year we expected; you would hear that from Coach Smith, you would hear it from our fans and our players. We understand that; we understand the challenges. At the end of the year, we will assess where we are and go from there.

Jeff Hullinger: Does he have to get to the playoffs to come back?

Arthur Blank: No, that was never really a requirement. The requirement was we have more of a competitive team this year. I think through this part of the season, it’s been mixed, quite honestly, that’s what I think. And that’s what the coach would say. Arthur [Smith] is a very honest, very — (pause). He looks at himself very critically, so he comes from a beautiful family, that has great values and he reflects those values in his leadership the best he can. So, we’ll see how the season plays out and go from there.

Jeff Hullinger: The quarterback situation this season has been tough.

Arthur Blank: It has been tough; we certainly had high hopes for Desmond Ridder. He has done some good things for us this year. He would be the first to tell you, he hasn’t been the kind of consistent performer we’d like him to be. In this business, the NFL business, or college ball, you have turnovers, it’s a very tough thing.

Jeff Hullinger: It’s a public business, you have to please the fans.

Arthur Blank: It’s about pleasing the fans, but you have to put a product on the field that represents the best of our roster, the best of what we can put together. In my case, it’s having the best people we can making decisions. I don’t want to be in a position ever of having to pick players. I’ve never done that. I wouldn’t know how to do it. I’m like a fan in that regard, I have opinions, so does Jeff, and everyone else in Atlanta. It’s making sure we have right people. I would make sure they have all the resources and they are making the decisions they should make to putting a winning product on the field. That’s their job.