The Little Bodega opened Dec. 6 thanks to We Love Buford Highway.

The Little Bodega opened Dec. 6 thanks to We Love Buford Highway.

Credit: Rough Draft Atlanta

A pilot program that will supply Buford Highway-area families with weekly groceries opened on Dec. 7, thanks to the non-profit We Love Buford Highway

The Little Bodega is planning to serve 15 hand-selected families for one year. 

Families are being chosen based on data collected by We Love BuHi over the past three years of dealing with food insecurity. Large families and those experiencing a medical crisis rely on We Love BuHi’s partners and community ambassadors to shop and deliver groceries on their behalf, said Executive Director Lily Pabian.

The Little Bodega does not require online sign ups, making an appointment, or filling out forms to participate. The emphasis is on cultivating an environment of dignity by shopping for what is needed, rather than receiving a pre-assembled package, Pabian said.

“We Love BuHi is committed to providing an opportunity to learn about our communities in the space of food security needs, how local stakeholders address it, and how to build networks with providers,” Pabian said. 

The Little Bodega is supported by United Way, Latino Community Fund, the Salvation Army, and Goodr. Pabian said she’s looking for investors that can envision using different methodology to address food security.

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