Outkast's Andre 3000 with his flute
Credit: Kai Regan/Courtesy of the artist

From funk to flute

This week on Georgia in Play, host Leah Fleming taps into an exclusive interview between NPR hip-hop staff writer Rodney Carmichael and Outkast's own André 3000. He's back after a 17-year hiatus with his upcoming album, New Blue Sun, which he's advertising with a sticker that says "no bars."  In his time off, the artist has picked up dozens of different flutes, which feature prominently in both his art and his personal life. While we can't share anything from New Blue Sun, André 3000 has expressed that it's meant to be heard all at once, as a complete work. Rodney, who heard the album early, weighs in on the new work, and tells Leah where Andre's been for the last decade.

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