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Highlights from the show

How did a TikTok food reviewer turn the Atlanta restaurant scene on its head?

If you're on TikTok, you might have seen food reviewer Keith Lee's scathing-but-humble review of a few Atlanta establishments. While he didn't want to say too much, hundreds of thousands of viewers weighed in with their negative experiences dining in the city. Documentarian and journalist King Williams joined Leah Fleming to discuss the phenomenon of "grass wall restaurants," and what Lee's review means for Atlanta dining.


Niesha Butler is putting an 'A' in 'STEM'

If you've followed Georgia Tech's women's basketball program, you might have seen Niesha Butler dominate on the court. After a career in basketball, she's using her engineering degree to educate the next generation through her program, STEAM Champs. She spoke with Leah about kids "making it" in successful careers and putting "arts" in a STEM-focused education.


Send in the clowns: Circus Lena comes to Pooler

Circus Lena Vice President Jessica Ramos invites you to sit under the big top this month in Pooler. She comes from generations of circus performers, and she told Leah she's keeping Circus Lena a family business.


The Monkees swing by Athens, Ga.

In a nostalgia-filled crossover, Micky Dolenz of The Monkees made his way to Wuxtry Records in Athens to commemorate the release of his new EP, Micky Dolenz sings R.E.M. Three members of R.E.M., Athens' most successful musical export, were there alongside Dolenz and Athens Mayor Kelly Girtz to commemorate the release, with Girtz presenting Dolenz a key to the city. Leah spoke to GPB's Kristi Wooten, who covered the ceremony.


Thank a cooper for your favorite drink

If your favorite wine or beer comes from around North Georgia, you might owe Lee Arnold a thank-you. He's the founder of The Gainesville Cooperage, a barrel-making business he says was inspired by a visit to Colonial Williamsburg. He explained the barrel-making process to Leah, along with his concerns about what he thinks is a shrinking field.


Get your dog dressed for the cold season

While "dog fashion" has been around forever, Bark Fifth Avenue founder Ashley Carestia says more and more pet owners are paying attention to the latest styles. Carestia told Leah she focuses on the newest trends (watch for furs for your furry friend) when it comes to what she's marketing.

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