LISTEN: This week on Georgia in Play, host Leah Fleming looks at Georgia's impending redistricting. Plus, conversations with Savannah Mayor Van Johnson and Hidden Brain's Shankar Vedantam. We'll also look at a church's medical debt forgiveness ministry, the new Michelin Guide to Atlanta, and top bookstores around the state.

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Credit: Georgia Public Broadcasting; National Public Radio; Rachelle Wilson; Rev. Dr. Ted Goshorn

Highlights from the show

Georgia's lawmakers must redraw voting maps

A federal judge recently ruled that the state's existing voting districts "dilute Black voting power." Gov. Brian Kemp announced that the legislature would meet for a special session starting Nov. 29 to make the legally required changes. Host Leah Fleming spoke with Fair Districts GA co-chair Ken Lawler about the changes, and what he expects to see in November.


In conversation with Savannah Mayor Van Johnson

Before he spoke at a panel at the Department of Treasury's Freedman's Bank Forum, Leah spoke with Mayor Johnson about economic opportunity for Black Savannahians, equal opportunity, and the intersection of race and class. While port expansion has made headlines, Mayor Johnson says he's also focused on fair housing opportunities for people employed at the port.


Sitting back down with Hidden Brain's Shankar Vedantam

Do you ever feel like you're just an observer in your own life? We revisit journalist Shankar Vedantam, as he gives advice on how to monitor the narrative of your life in a new season of NPR's Hidden Brain.


One church's attempt to ease strangers' medical debt

The Rev. Dr. Ted Goshorn heard an unusual ministry idea from one of his congregants — Mulberry Street United Methodist Church could work with a nonprofit to buy medical debt for pennies on the dollar, then forgive it. Since then, the church has raised over $15,000, which forgave more than a million dollars in debt for completely random Middle and South Georgians.


The Michelin Man comes to Georgia

You might have followed the Michelin Guide to another city on vacation — they're guides to the best food, provided by the same Michelin that makes tires. For the first time, the guide reviewed restaurants in Atlanta (but only inside the Perimeter). GPB's Orlando Montoya attended the award ceremony, he joined Leah Fleming to talk about the new winners.


2023 is almost over; did you meet your reading goal?

Rachelle Wilson travels all over Georgia for work, but she makes a point of stopping at a bookstore wherever she goes. On her blog, Southern Siren, she broke down her 10 "most magical" bookstores. From Avid Bookshop in Athens to E. Shaver Bookseller in Savannah, her guide will make sure you stay close to a good read on your next road trip.