Author Anna Sales talks navigating difficult conversations.
Credit: Gabriela Hasbun

This episode originally aired May 19, 2021, on Political Rewind.

The past year was difficult for many people. The friends and families of COVID-19 victims mourned the loss of loved ones. It was a year when poisonous politics continued to split families along the fault lines of partisan loyalty. The economy collapsed and exacerbated hardship across Georgia and beyond.

There may be no more important time for all of us to talk about hard things. Fortunately, Anna Sale, host of the popular podcast Death, Sex and Money recently released a new guide about how to have conversations about difficult topics. She tells us that, rather than being a point of conflict, tough conversations can actually bring us together.

Her book Let’s Talk About Hard Things is a distillation of the things she learned over the course of her career as a journalist, podcast host and writer.


Anna Sale — Author, Let's Talk About Hard Things