A photo of a large apartment.
Credit: Juhaszimrus, Pexels

Thursday on Political Rewind: The gap between the rich and poorer Americans continues to grow. We asked our panel crucial questions about the future of urban life.

Will living in cities like Atlanta soon be out of reach for lower income families and individuals? As the Atlanta mayoral race unfolds, crime is by far the issue that voters said matters most to them. But assuring that Atlanta creates opportunities for affordable housing was second on the voters’ minds.

We spoke with a panel of experts who are attempting to balance development with affordability in the city.


Bill Bolling — Founder of The Atlanta Housing Forum and former executive director of Atlanta Community Food Bank

Sarah Kirsch — Executive director, Urban Land Institute (ULI) Atlanta

Ashani O’Mard — Executive director, Atlanta Affordable Housing Fund

Kevin Riley — Editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution