Wednesday on Political Rewind: Gov. Brian Kemp is taking a trip to Texas. He and nine other GOP governors visit the U.S.-Mexico border today. They will also hold a news conference, blaming President Joe Biden for failing to stop an escalating number of illegal border crossings. This trip is Kemp's third visit to the southern border since becoming governor. 

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has ordered the FBI to investigate harassment and threats of violence aimed at school boards in Georgia and other states. Anger over mask mandates in some schools and over the teaching of so-called critical race theory have sparked angry confrontations between parents and school officials in recent months.

Plus, the Muscogee County district attorney faces a laundry list of criminal charges after just nine months in office. 


Donna Lowry — Host, GPB-TV’s Lawmakers

Greg Bluestein — Political reporter, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jill Nolin — Deputy editor, Georgia Recorder

Chuck Williams — Reporter, WRBL-TV, Columbus