If you've lost your home, or are afraid of losing it, NPR wants to hear from you.

There are protections for renters and homeowners during the pandemic. But many renters are being evicted anyway, and homeowners have run into problems with mortgage assistance too.

For renters, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued an order aimed at preventing landlords from evicting people who are struggling financially. Some states have their own protections. Congress also just passed a new rental assistance program.

For homeowners, lawmakers ordered banks to allow people hurt financially in the pandemic to skip mortgage payments.

We want to know how all of this is playing out. If you're a renter, did you try to use the CDC order to protect yourself and your family but get evicted anyway? Are you facing eviction or are worried about eviction right now? Or is your landlord being flexible and working with you? If you're a landlord, we'd like to hear from you, too.

Likewise for homeowners, if you've taken a mortgage forbearance and skipped payments, how is that working? Did your lender allow you to move the missed payments to the back of your loan term as is required in most cases? Or do you feel saddled with an unaffordable repayment plan?

We want to hear your experiences. Sharing your story will help reporters understand what's happening in the middle of this crisis. We may contact you to see if you'd like to do an interview for a story.

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