Welcome to the 943. That’s a new area code that will soon join the famous 404 used in metro Atlanta that's been shouted out in pop and hip-hop music as a way of showing hometown pride.

However, the North American Numbering Plan administrator recently said that the 404 — as well as the 770, 678 and 470 area codes also used in the greater metro area — will not have any more numbers to assign by 2023. 

So last month, the Georgia Public Service Commission approved a new area code: 943. You won't see the new area code for a few more years, but when it does pop up on our phone lines, will it live up to 404's legacy in Atlanta?

The 404 area code has been used since 1947, and it's been a motif of the Southern capital's art and music culture. OutKast's "I'll Call B4 I Cum," Ciara's "All Good" and Sleepy Rose's and T.R.U.'s "Georgia" featuring 2 Chainz each pay homage to 404.

Who knows? Maybe Atlantans will be dancing to 943 music in a couple of years as the city and its surrounding areas expand.

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