2020 has been a year of hardship and struggle amid the coronavirus, unprecedented unemployment rates and civil unrest. However, music serves as a silver lining amid the chaos, and an Atlanta musician continued to find creative inspiration.

Guatemalan American musical artist Felicita Pineda released her new song “Sin Miedo” in October, although it was written in late 2019. The title translated in English means fearless, a subtle beacon of hope during this formidable year.

One day, she saw the word sprawled out in graffiti, and it stuck with her ever since.

Felicita Pineda in April 2020.

Felicita Pineda in April 2020.

Credit: Felicita Pineda/ Facebook

“I just thought it was just really a special message,” Pineda said. “To see everything that's happened this year — I feel like everything happens for a reason.”

The music video for “Sin Miedo” is bright, jubilant and carefree, with Pineda dressed as different characters. She had to get creative during shooting because the pandemic prevented her from having other people on set, but she managed to express unadulterated joy in public spaces through dancing to Latin music. One moment, she’s dressed as herself, then in another, she has gray hair or tattoos.

“(It) ended up working out perfectly,” Pineda said. “That was the message behind the dancing without fear.”

Being fearless has been the theme for Pineda’s 2020. She understands her feelings more, and she’s unafraid of vulnerability. She hopes she can help others be fearless, too.