Ga. State Rep. Ed Setzler

State Rep. Leonard Edwin “Ed” Setzler

Acworth-R (incumbent)

State House District 35 (Cobb County)

Date and Place of Birth: 1970, Atlanta

    OPPONENT: Kyle Rinaudo 


    Public Service/Political Career: 

    Setzler is the eight-term Republican incumbent representing Georgia House District 35, which covers Acworth and part of Kennesaw.  His challenger is 24-year-old Kyle Rinaudo, an educator running on a progressive platform who lost the 2018 Democratic primary to Setzler’s eventual general election rival. Rinaudo won the Democratic nomination this year in a primary runoff in August.

    Setzler is the author of Georgia’s so-called “Heartbeat Bill,” which would, with limted exceptions, restrict abortions after a fetal heatbeat is detected and grant personhood to a fetus. Gov. Brian Kemp signed the bill into law in 2019, but a federal judge declared it unconstitutional in July. The state appealed that ruling in August.  

    Setzler was also a co-sponsor of this year’s House Bill 911, which strengthens penalties against foster parents who engage in sexual activity with children in their care. The bill was part of package of legislation aimed at overhauling Georgia’s foster care system and cracking down on human trafficking.

    Setzler has served as chair of the House Science and Technology Committee since 2013. He is also a member of the House Appropriations, Education, Judiciary Non-Civil, Legislative & Congressional Reapportionment, Rules and Transportation committees. He previously served as secretary of the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee and as a member of the Education and Ways & Means committees. 

    Setzler was first elected to office in 2004 after running unopposed to fill the seat of Republican Roger Hines, who stepped aside to run for Congress. Setzler has often run unopposed or defeated rivals by wide margins. In 2008 and 2010, Setzler defeated Demoocratic challengers, winning more than 60% of the vote. He faced his first serious challenge in 2018 from Democrat Salvatore Castellana, winning reelection to his eighth term by just over 1,000 votes, 52.3% to 47.7%. Setzler’s current challenger, Kyle Rinaudo, lost to Castellana in the 2018 Democratic primary by more than 23%.  

    Setzler earned his bachelor’s degree in physics from Furman University in Greenville, S.C., in 1992. After graduation he served nine years in the U.S. Army, eventually becoming commander of a transportation unit at the Fort Stewart military installation in eastern Georgia.  Since leaving the military in 2001, Setzler has worked as a program manager for several engineering and construction firms. He joined the architecture and engineering firm Croft & Associates in 2012, and is now the director of Federal Programs.   

    Setzler has raised more than $390,000 since coming to office. Much of his backing has come from the health care, transportation and construction industries. Setzler has been steadily lobbied over the years by transportation and health interests. 

    Setzler’s campaign has raised more than $91,000 so far this cycle. Nearly $42,000 has come from fellow Republican candidates and party organizations. 


    Legislative Committee Positions: 

    • 2005-2006: Secretary - Judiciary Non-Civil, Member - Education, Ways & Means
    • 2007-2008: Vice Chairman - Code Revision, Member - Education, Appropriations, Judiciary Non-Civil
    • 2009-2012: Member - Education, Appropriations, Judiciary Non-Civil, Transportation, Rules
    • 2011 Special Session: Member - Education, Judiciary Non-Civil, Transportation, Rules
    • 2013-2020: Chairman - Science and Technology, Member - Education, Appropriations, Judiciary Non-Civil, Transportation, Rules, Legislative & Congressional Reapportionment


    Financial Disclosures (Source: Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission)


    Business interests:

    None disclosed. 

    Setzler and his wife, Tracie, were organizers of the company Setzler LLC in 2012.  It was administratively dissolved in 2016 for failure to file its annual registration. 


    Fiduciary positions:

    On his financial disclosure, Setzler lists Director at Croft & Associates under Fiduciary Positions. He is the director of federal programs at Croft. 


    State or Federal payments: 

    Legislative salary of approximately $22,000.


    Property holdings:

    Family residence in Acworth, total appraised value $188,780.


    Fees received: 

    None disclosed.


    Spouse’s property holdings: 

    Property records list Setzler’s wife, Tracie, as a co-owner of their family residence in Cobb County. This has not been listed under spouse's ownership interests in real property on Ed Setzler’s financial disclosures.


    Family Members’ Employment:

    Setzler’s wife, Tracie, is the history department chair at Cornerstone Prep, a Christian preparatory academy in Acworth. She started teaching at the school in 2016. She was previously a homeschool teacher and homemaker.




    Archer Daniel Midland Company

    Bunge Limited



    Archer Daniel Midland Company

    Bunge Limited

    Glencore International



    Archer Daniel Midland Company

    Bunge Limited


    -Commission Orders

    None on file.  



    Setzler has been cited more than 20 times by the state ethics commission since 2004 for failure to file campaign contribution reports and personal financial disclosures on time. 


    Campaign Finance Reports

    Campaign Contributions

    Of the $390,000 Setzler has raised since coming to office, nearly 24% ($93,000) has come from the health care, construction and engineering sectors. Nearly 22% ($88,000) came from Republicans and affiliated groups.

    In this election cycle, Republicans and affiliated groups have contributed 46% ($42,000) of the $91,000 his campaign has pulled in. Top contributors this year include the Republican State Leadership Committee, the Hospital Corporation of America Georgia PAC and Georgia House Majority Leader Jon G. Burns.


    Cash on Hand:

    As of Sept. 30, Setzler had nearly $39,000 in cash on hand. Rinaudo’s campaign has so far raised nearly $115,000 and has more than $51,000 on hand.


    Top Contributors, 2020 Election Cycle 

    $5,600 - Republican State Leadership Committee (split between Primary and General Election)

    $3,000 - Hospital Corporation of America Georgia PAC (split between Primary and General Election)

    $2,800 - Jon G. Burns, Georgia House Majority Leader

    $2,800 - BME Consulting, a credit counseling service

    $2,800 - Kelly for House

    $2,800 - Friends of Jan Jones

    $2,800 - Ralston Committee

    $2,800 - Altria Client Services

    $2,800 - Former Georgia Trial Lawyers Association President Lance A. Cooper

    $2,600 - Lariccia for State Representative


    Campaign Expenditures:

    Since taking office, much of Setzler’s campaign spending has centered on contributions to other candidates, advertising, political consulting and fees for fundraisers and events.  

    In this election cycle, Seltzer’s campaign has spent $38,000 on shipping, IT services, professional services and office supplies.

    While Setzler’s contributions for this race have largely come from Republicans, he has not contributed to any candidates this year. 

    Other large categories of expenses have been reimbursements and loan repayments. 

    Campaign finance records show that, over the years, many campaign expenses have been paid for by Setzler and others, then paid back. In most cases the payouts are identified as direct reimbursements for credit card and other charges.  

    In other cases, the records list charges identified as loans from Setzler to cover the cost of campaign expenses, and subsequent repayment of those loans. These are entered in the section of the reports for in-kind contributions but they are identified as “loans.”  


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