Monday on Political Rewind, the Republican National Convention begins this week, and promises to be a convention that breaks the traditional mold. President Donald Trump is scheduled to give a speech every night, rather than the usual final night acceptance speech.

Last week, Democrats tried to expand their tent and include all corners of the party and some outsiders too. What will this week’s programming tell us about Republican campaign strategy and internal party dynamic?

Our panelists were Jim Galloway, Lead Political Writer at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Buddy Darden, former Georgia U.S. Congressman, Eric Tanenblatt, longtime Republican strategist and Julianne Thompson, a Republican activist.

An image of an elepant.
Credit: Sam Bermas-Dawes/GPB News



Jim Galloway – Lead Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Buddy Darden – Former Georgia U.S. Congressman

Eric Tanenblatt – Republican Strategist

Julianne Thompson – Republican Strategist