Friday on Political Rewind, a look at recent violence in Atlanta and the political backlash. The unrest is featuring already in the politics of the day.

How will these events play out in the months leading up to November?

Atlanta City Council President Felicia Moore said the situation is being played for political points.

"They are attaching themselves, on both sides, to issues that are getting them the attention that they want that can get their message out and hopefully rally up their base," Moore said.

In other news, Gov. Brian Kemp’s emergency order demanding cities take no action beyond state guidance is being openly defied by Atlanta, Savannah, East Point and Athens, where masks are now required.

Patricia Murphy said Kemp has gone as far as many Republican to promote mask wearing, but is it enough to meet the pandemic's challenge?

"It does leave it up to businesses, in particular, having to enforce it themselves," she said. "It really shouldn't be up to the barista at Starbucks to do this either."


Jim Galloway — Lead Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Edward Lindsey — Republican Strategist

Felicia Moore — Atlanta City Council President

Patricia Murphy — Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Lawmakers Capitol Reporter