Thursday on Political Rewind, coronavirus case numbers soar in Georgia and across the country even as some facet of American life has begun to reopen.

While the death rates reported for the virus have gone down, Georgia has now broken 100,000 cases with the rate of new infection doubling from just two weeks ago.

We discussed the latest with two top public health experts from Georgia State University.

Interim Dean Rodney Lyn of GSU’s School of Public Health said officials need to consider fact-based evidence when making decisions about policy.

“Many of the laws that we have and the requirements that we have for the public are about protecting others,” he said. “Some of it is about protecting the individual engaged in a behavior but so often its about protecting other people in the community.”

We discussed the latest trends in the pandemic’s numbers, and what recent data might mean for those hoping for a quick end to the lock down.


Harry Heiman — Associate professor, School of Public Health GSU

Rodney Lyn — Interim Dean, GSU School of Public Health