Today on Political Rewind, discussion on the reforms mandated by the state for senior care homes following a year-long investigation into the industry by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In late June, the state legislature passed HB 987, which provides expanded protections for Georgians living in senior care homes.

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Ginny Helms works for Leading Age, an organization working to improve conditions for the elderly and their caregivers. She said she was not surprised by the mistreatment of the elderly uncovered in recent reporting.

“We need nurse oversight. The cognitive challenges really bring the need for caretakers to really know what they are looking at a patient,” Helms said.

Our panel was joined by reporters who played central roles in the reporting that raised awareness on the abuses in senior care homes. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Carrie Teegardin wrote a series of articles shining a light on improprieties. 

“It wasn’t like one bad apple. We were seeing it happen at places you wouldn’t have expected it,” she said.