Clifford "T.I." Harris speaks on his "ExpediTIously" podcast November 2019.

Atlanta rapper T.I. plans to return to the classroom this fall to teach a course at Clark Atlanta University called “The Business of Trap Music.”

The Grammy Award-winning artist will partner with the HBCU to teach undergraduates alongside hip-hop scholar Dr. Melva K. Williams.

The new course will bring an understanding to the origin, culture and business of trap music to the university.

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Williams presented the innovative concept — with T.I. in mind  — to the HBCU community. T.I., who is co-curator of the Trap Museum in Atlanta, said he is honored to lend his voice and unique experiences to the betterment of young people and to lift the legacy of HBCUs across the nation.

"HBCUs have a vital role in our community and have managed to withstand even while being some of the most under-resourced institutions,” T.I. said. “Our national HBCUs continue to underscore the fact that we have always had to do more with less. I am excited to be partnering with Clark Atlanta University in my hometown – Atlanta.”

Clark Atlanta President George T. French Jr. welcomed the course as an opportunity to challenge, empower and equip students with resources to excel.

“I believe the best way to do this is to understand their culture and create lifelong experiences that will not only motivate our scholars but present them with opportunities to help them become globally competitive,” French said.

Trap Music is a sub-genre of hip-hop music and is a cultural phenomenon that involves a variety of art forms. The genre has been embraced worldwide, has been infused with other types of music and has become a part of everyday living.

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T.I. and Clark Atlanta have both been instrumental in the Black community following the deaths of Black men and women at the hands of police. The rapper has been vocal on social justice issues and joined protesters in Atlanta following the death of Rayshard Brooks. Brooks was killed during an encounter with police earlier this month in the parking log of a local Wendy's.

Clark Atlanta has since collaborated with Atlanta restauranteur Pinky Cole to donate scholarships to the four children of Brooks.

The scholarships, worth more than $600,000, will cover full tuition, meals, room and board for all children when they are prepared to matriculate from high school to college.

“It was without hesitation that we made the decision to partner with our notable alumna and entrepreneur Pinky Cole to help the family and children of Mr. Rayshard Brooks,” French said.

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