From cookbooks to constitutional history to storytelling albums, the "On Second Thought" archive has five stories for your workweek.
From cookbooks to constitutional history to storytelling albums, the "On Second Thought" archive has five stories for your workweek.

From cookbooks to constitutional rights, On Second Thought is proud to present another five stories from our archive to motivate you this Monday.

1) Historian Jill Lepore Explores 'These Truths' Of United States History

In November 2018, On Second Thought sat down with Harvard American history professor Jill Lepore to discuss her book These Truths: A History of the United States and the obligation to learn from the past for a brighter future. Focusing on promises made in the Constitution, Lepore discusses the state of institutions like freedom, voting, and social struggles almost 250 years after the country’s founding.

2) Chef Pano Karatassos On 'Modern Greek Cooking'

Atlanta chef Pano Karatassos made waves in culinary circles after winning Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay with his signature lamb pie. Chef Karatassos is the executive chef of Kyma in Atlanta and has tasked himself with bringing traditional Greek foods to the South. He sat down with us last October to talk Greek cuisine and his cookbook Modern Greek Cooking.

3) On 'Omoiyari,' Kishi Bashi Transcends Time — And Politics — With Compassion

In the opening track of his 2019 album Omoiyari, Athens-based artist Kaoru Ishibashi, who performs under the name Kishi Bashi, asks, “When will we ever become one? Must we suffer for days to come?” The album’s title translates from Japanese to refer to feelings of compassion and kindness, something Ishibashi felt was absent from President Trump’s ban on travel from predominantly Muslim countries. Learn more about the inspiration for the album, from American internment camps to love of our fellow man.

4) Author Janisse Ray On The Magic Of Books And South Georgia's Forests

Georgia Writers Hall of Fame inductee Janisse Ray was raised in a junkyard in Baxley, Georgia. Her 1999 memoir Ecology of a Cracker Childhood documented her experiences and her deep love for the natural landscape of southern Georgia, for which she now fiercely advocates. Revisit our interview from last November on Ray's relationship to nature, and how she believes it increases our awareness of the world around us.

5) The Intergenerational Power In Margaret Wilkerson Sexton's New Book 'The Revisoners'

Last November, author Margaret Wilkerson Sexton joined the show to discuss her novel, The Revisioners. The plot follows two characters separated by history; one an enslaved person on a Louisiana plantation, and the other her modern-day descendant. Sexton discussed the dynamic between the two and what resilience is inherited by the future members of an oppressed family.

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