Protesters gather in front of the Brunswick City Hall during a march for Ahmaud Arbery.

Protesters gather in front of the Brunswick City Hall during a march for Ahmaud Arbery.

Credit: Emily Jones / GPB News

Protesters rallied in Brunswick, Georgia, again Saturday to call for justice in the killing of a black jogger, allegedly by two white men. Groups traveled from Atlanta, North Carolina and elsewhere to join the rally.

A father and son were arrested May 7 for the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery. But it took more than two months for that to happen. Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr has asked both the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Department of Justice to look into the handling of the case.

One of the suspects, Gregory McMichael, was the longtime chief investigator in the Brunswick Circuit District Attorney’s office. That has led to calls for the ouster of Brunswick DA Jackie Johnson.

“She gotta go! She gotta go!” the crowd at the steps of the Glynn County Courthouse chanted Saturday afternoon.

They also called for the removal of DA George Barnhill in the neighboring Waycross Circuit. He was the prosecutor on the case until mid-April, when he recused himself because his son works in Johnson’s office.

And they called for the arrest of the man who recorded video of the shooting. The video’s release by a local lawyer ignited nationwide anger over the case. The man who filmed it maintains he was not involved in the incident.

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After rallying at the courthouse, protesters led by Francys Johnson of the New Georgia Project and members of Arbery’s family, their arms linked, marched through the streets of Brunswick.

Police stopped traffic as the crowd marched from the courthouse to city hall and back over the course of about an hour, singing and chanting “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “Say his name: Ahmaud!”

They have vowed to keep protesting until Johnson and Barnhill step down.