From pitbulls to political humor, here are five stories from the "On Second Thought" archives to start your week right.
From pitbulls to political humor, here are five stories from the "On Second Thought" archives to start your week right.

From pit bulls to political humor and feminist literature to Folsom State Prison, we’ve got five more stories from the On Second Thought archive to help you weather another Monday. 

1) One Man's Mission To Protect 'The Dog America Loves To Hate'

This past January, we interviewed Jason Flatt, founder of the Dallas, Georgia-based “Friends of the Forlorn” Pitbull Rescue. Flatt moved to Georgia after a family tragedy and faced his grief by adopting a pitbull puppy named Angelo. He was inspired to create a sanctuary for pitbulls, which have been widely stereotyped as violent. His organization has become nationally-renowned for its open arms and willingness to take on the most disadvantaged dogs.

2) Rebels and Ramblers: New Ken Burns 'Country Music' Documentary

Ken Burns has won acclaim for his documentary work covering wars, disasters, and social movements. His most recent work, “Country Music,” aired on PBS in September of last year. We sat down with writer and producer Dayton Duncan to discuss the nature of country music, its origins, and its wide populist appeal.

3) Comedian Hari Kondabolu Brings His Political Humor to Georgia Stages

Hari Kondabolu has made circuits on late night shows and NPR’s own “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” His political comedy has given him a platform on Netflix on his special “Warn Your Relatives” and a tour that included two stops in Georgia in February 2019. In his interview with On Second Thought, Kondabolu discusses what makes a good standup comedian, diversity of experiences, and knowing your audience.

4) Southern Reading List: E.R. Anderson From Charis Books

E.R. Anderson of the feminist bookstore Charis Books and More celebrated the store’s reopening in April of 2019 following their move to Agnes Scott College. Anderson made contributions to On Second Thought’s “Southern Reading List," which included topics ranging from toxic masculinity and the effect of living in the shadow of Hartsfield-Jackson.

5) 'Southern Women' Celebrates Iconic, Trailblazing Women Of The South

Following a 2011 article on what the modern Southern woman looks like, editors of Garden & Gun compiled the stories and messages of women of all backgrounds and creeds in their 2019 book Southern Women: More Than 100 Stories of Innovators, Artists, and Icons. The book reflects on the departure from the stereotype of the “dainty Southern belle,” instead focusing on what makes the women of the South who they are and what inspires them.

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