Jeremy Klawsky received a

Jeremy Klawsky received a "hero's walk" after being discharged following his five-week battle with COVID-19. / Marigold Solutions

University of Georgia's football coordinator Jeremy Klawsky received a hero's celebration after recovering from his five-week battle with COVID-19. 

Even in a season of social distancing, he didn't leave alone.

Hospital staff at Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center, including his doctors and nurses, lined the halls as he was leaving to cheer him on and congratulate him on his recovery. His coworkers in the Georgia Athletic Association were there as well, greeting him outside.

The celebration, what some are calling "celebration walks" or a "hero's walk," was one of several that happened since the pandemic began.

Caroline Maddox spent two weeks in a battle with COVID-19 at Augusta University Medical Center. It wasn't an easy fight, either. At one point, she spent eight days on a ventilator.

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To celebrate her victory, doctors did the same for her. The staff, including the doctors and nurses that stood by her as she fought for her life, lined the walls to clap and applaud her as she was discharged and taken home.

Lilly Maddox, Caroline's sister, said those doctors provided hope to the family when things were dire.

"Each time we called and had questions, they never hesitated to answer or explain to us what was going on," Maddox said. "God is so good and I can't say enough about this hospital."

As of noon Thursday, April 16, there have been 16,368 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Georgia. Of those, 617 people have died.