Tyler Perry has been called

Tyler Perry has been called "the Atlanta angel," but he says he's just doing what he can to help others during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tyler Perry has been making his rounds on good deeds in Atlanta. First, he gave one of his favorite Atlanta restaurants a $21,000 tip.

Last week, he paid seniors’ grocery bills at more than 40 Krogers in the Atlanta area.

Some people have called Perry “The Atlanta angel,” but he rejects that title.

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"Just trying to do my part to help who I can,” Perry said in a CBS This Morning interview with Gayle King. "There are a lot of people who are struggling right now and underprivileged and I wanted to go to the heart of where we are and what we need."

The media icon also lost a crew member to COVID-19 recently. Charles Gregory was a hairstylist on set and Perry describes him as “warm, loving and hilarious.”

Perry urges people, especially black people, to take the coronavirus seriously.

“I heard a black person say, ‘Black people don’t get it.’ That is a lie! You can get it, and you will get it if we don’t do what we're being told to do,” Perry wrote on Instagram.

As of Wednesday, Georgia will abide by Gov. Kem’s shelter-in-place orders until April 30. In the meantime, Perry encourages everyone to stay safe.

“Socially distance yourself and stay alive! If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for someone you love, and for those who love you,” he wrote.