Monday on Political Rewind, new figures reveal how much Georgia donors are contributing to Democratic presidential campaigns, and the numbers show former Mayor Pete Buttigieg out front with $800,000 and Joe Biden following close behind.

While in 5th place, Sen. Amy Klobuchar nonetheless gained a big boost in donations in the last quarter of 2019. Those final three months of the year saw her receive roughly triple the donations than in the previous three months.

And former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg is picking up endorsements in Georgia. State Sen. Jen Jordan (D-Atlanta) is now on his team and several other local political leaders are currently in talks with the Bloomberg campaign as well.


Jim Galloway — Lead Political Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Rep. Scott Holcomb — (D-Atlanta)

Brian Robinson — Republican Strategist

Amy Steigerwalt — Professor of Political Science, Georgia State University