Chris Veal paints Baby Yoda along the Atlanta BeltLine.

Chris Veal paints Baby Yoda along the Atlanta BeltLine.

The BeltLine and the Georgia Department of Transportation have told GPB they have no plans to remove the Baby Yoda mural from the BeltLine.

“While Baby Yoda is located on our structure, we do not have any plans for a removal,” GDOT Communications Specialist Tori Brown said. “The Beltline can make that final decision.”

Jenny Odom, communications and media relations manager for the BeltLine said she sees no problem with the mural.

“It’s a free art space,” she said.

Local artist Chris Veal's mural of the character from the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian made headlines across the city.

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Veal said he painted the Baby Yoda for fun because he's a fan of the show.

“It was nice to have something new with Star Wars that I could enjoy again," he said. "Plus, I really love painting stuff from pop culture.”

He and his friend Nels collaborated after they figured out they had the same idea for a mural. The friends realized they had both purchased green paint already.

“Yeah, it kind of just happened by coincidence,” Veal said.