The skyline of Iran's capital, Tehran.

The skyline of Iran's capital, Tehran. / Wikimedia Commons

On Thursday's Political Rewind, we take a deeper look at issues driving national headlines. How has the United States emerged from the showdown with Iran in the aftermath of the targeting of Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani?

Are we safer? Did the Trump administration have clear evidence of an imminent threat that made it necessary to target Soleimani?

Other issues arise from whether the White House has the freedom to take lethal military action without consulting congress? Is the toxic partisan divide in Washington preventing America from sending a unified message to our foes?


Jackie Cushman — Author, Republican Strategist

Tamar Hallerman — Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Rep. Scott Holcomb — State Rep. (D-Atlanta)

Dov Wilker — Regional Director, American Jewish Committee