The Georgia State Capitol building, in Atlanta.

The Georgia State Capitol building, in Atlanta. / flickr

Friday on Political Rewind, Georgia legislators are set to take up residence at the state Capitol once again next week. The 2020 session of the General Assembly gets under way on Monday.

Our panel discusses what you can expect from the legislature.

This year, Gov. Kemp’s demand for deep cuts in the budget will be front and center, although some lawmakers say they are not convinced of the need. To offset the cuts, some are pushing to revisit the generous tax credits the state offers television and movie production companies. Additionally, there is a move to generate revenue by legalizing some form of gambling in the state.

The introduction of measures hostile to transgender young people, and the likelihood that a religious liberty bill will get yet another push, mean that while it may be an election year, conservative legislators are not going to shy away from hot button social issues.


Marth Zoller — Talk Show Host, Republican Strategist

Joel Alvarado — Democratic Strategist

Jim Galloway — Lead Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution