On this Special Edition of Political Rewind, we dive deep into the increasingly political act of redistricting. We look at how past elections have influenced voting districts in Georgia today and how districts have kept incumbents in power in the state. 

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland helped redraw Georgia congressional districts in 1991 while a member of the state legislature. He joins us to provide insight on the redistricting process.

One of the foremost experts on redistricting joins our panel, as well, to discuss a polarizing aspect of redistricting: gerrymandering. What is gerrymandering and how should it be addressed?

Plus, how will the 2020 census and elections change Georgia districts? Our panel discusses.

NOTE: Click here to find the story referenced in the show that details how Georgia's congression districts could look based on which party is in power and, therefore, oversees redistricting.


Dr. Kareem Crayton – Executive Director, Southern Coalition for Social Justice

Jim Galloway — AJC Lead Political Reporter

Dr. Andra Gillespie — Emory University Political Science Professor

Lynn Westmoreland — (R) Former State Representative and U.S. Representative