Tuesday on Political Rewind, the Public Service Commission approved a rate hike request today from Georgia Power, but it was not as much money as the utility originally asked for. PSC Vice-chair Tim Echols takes us through their decision-making.


For the first time in over two decades, the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will receive federal money to study gun injuries and death. A $25 million dollar grant reverses a long-standing effort to block research funds by Republicans who worried the CDC was promoting gun control measures.

And, more than 300,000 names were purged from the Georgia voter rolls last night, despite a challenge from a voting rights group which maintained that at least 100,000 of those who lost their registration should not have been removed. We looked at what might happen next in an ongoing legal battle over the purges.



Jackie Cushman — Author, Republican Strategist


Tim Echols — Vice-chair, Public Service Commission


Stacey Evans — Democratic Strategist


Adam Van Brimmer — Executive Editor, Savannah Morning News