The largest hospital in Georgia and one of the busiest trauma centers in the country is still diverting emergency calls, which is putting a strain on other hospitals.

Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta is working to repair damage from a broken water pipe that burst on Saturday.

The hospital, which had planned to end diversion earlier this week, says 158 beds will be inaccessible for several months.

A 2-foot pipe that burst over the weekend caused extensive water damage and electrical outages to several floors. 

While Grady is continuing to divert ambulance calls, the hospital is still treating patients who arrive at the E.R on their own.

Statement from Grady Hospital:

To ensure the highest level of care for our patients, the pipe break led to the decision to transfer some patients to other hospitals. Family members of those patients are being contacted by phone by a member of the care team before the transfer.

If you have a loved one receiving care at Grady and have not been notified by a medical provider of a transfer, rest assured that your loved one is safe and being given exceptional care.

On Tuesday, Emory Healthcare also began diverting ambulance calls due to an overload of patients coming from Grady.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 45 patients were transferred from Grady to nearby hospitals and 30 others were moved to post-acute care facilities.