On this edition of Political Rewind, warning signs emerge that Gov. Brian Kemp’s plans for a partial expansion of Medicaid in Georgia may not win full support from the federal government and could cost far more than the state may be able to pay.

A similar proposal in Utah was recently denied by the Trump Administration. Despite the denial officials in the governors office say Kemp plans to continue with the current proposal. 

The Democratic race for a Georgia U.S. Senate seat is still in the early stages. More Democrats are likely to jump in, but there are no African American candidates on the horizon.  Will Democrats be able to mobilize the all-important African American vote without one?

And, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue’s back-up plan to assure food stamps go only to those citizens who really need help may have intended consequences.  What it could mean for students and school meals?



Greg Bluestein -- Political Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Wendy Davis -- Rome City Commissioner

Cody Hall -- Press Secretary, Gov. Brian Kemp

Amy Steigerwalt -- Political Science Professor, Georgia State University