On this edition of Political Rewind, a newly released poll offers clues about Georgian’s opinions on how Gov. Brian Kemp is performing in office, their feelings towards President Trump, and which Democratic presidential candidate is their current top choice. 

What more does the NBC/Survey Monkey poll about how the states voters are feeling heading into what is expected to be another heated election season?

Tensions rose between candidates in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District when Republican candidate Brandon Beach launched his first direct attack on opponent Karen Handel. Why did he choose to do so on an out of town radio show? 

It took 14 years, but a traveling preacher now admits there is truth to the allegations that he groped a teenage girl in rural North Georgia. The confession gives critics of the preachers lawyer, House Speaker David Ralston, a new opportunity to criticize his practice of using his legislative position to delay court cases. 

Plus, two incidents in metro-Atlanta over the weekend reveal just how on edge people are in the aftermath of President Trump’s attacks on four minority Congresswomen.



Jim Galloway -- Lead Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Dar’shun Kendrick -- Democratic State Representative, District 94

Eric Tanenblatt -- Republican Strategist

Julianne Thompson -- Republican Strategist