We have an election date: Two days after county elections officials expressed concerns about the still-to-be-decided presidential preference primary date, the secretary of state's office announced that voters will head to the polls March 24, 2020. 

That date is just before the deadline for a new voting machine vendor to fully implement a new system across the state's 159 counties.

In years past, Georgia has joined a number of states in holding the presidential primary on the first Tuesday in March known as "Super Tuesday," or what then-Secretary of State Brian Kemp dubbed the "SEC primary" in 2016.

Now, the election will be held after states like Texas, California, Florida and Illinois and before states like Delaware, Maryland and Kentucky. The Democratic National Convention is in July, and the Republican National Convention is in August.

In the coming weeks, the secretary of state's office will announce the new voting machine vendor, tasked with replacing the state's 27,000 outdated touchscreen voting machines with new ballot-marking devices with a paper component.

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