The U.S. Supreme Court handed supporters of affirmative action a major victory on Thursday. In a 4-to-3 ruling, the justices rejected a complaint against the race-conscious admissions program at the University of Texas at Austin. Georgia State University professor Tanya Washington explains what the ruling means for schools in Georgia.  And  earlier this month, a police K-9 assigned to the Cherokee County School District died from heat exhaustion. The four-year-old dog named Inca was left inside his handler's police cruiser at the end of their shift. This isn't the first police K-9 in recent years to die in Georgia from heat exhaustion. George Mathis decided to look deeper into this problem. He's a columnist with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and he says Georgia leads the nation when it comes to K-9 officers dying in hot cars. 


Then, we add two more songs to our ever-growing, essential Georgia Playlist. Today’s selections come from neo-soul singer Joi Gilliam. Then, The Breakroom gang is back to talk about another week of news from across the globe. Host Celeste Headlee leads the panel as they discuss the social implications of brunch, Microsoft’s support of the marijuana industry, and New York’s most popular unofficial sperm donor. Georgia State University professor Tanya Washington explains what the most recent U.S. Supreme Court decision means for schools in Georgia. And, Atlanta Journal Constitution columnist George Mathis looks into why Georgia leads the nation when it comes to k-9 officers dying in hot cars. Then, we add two more songs to our Georgia Playlist. Plus, the Breakroom comes together to talk about another week of news, including the social implications of brunch and Microsoft's support of the marijuana industry.

Plus, we continue our Breakroom panel with a host of topics from this week’s news including new technology that helps restrict cell phone use at concerts, giving away Hamilton tickets, and the Atlanta house known as ‘Mr. Chocolate.’