The Georgia Department of Education just released its second year of Georgia Milestones test scores. While there were improvements, some students had trouble just taking the test. We talk with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Maureen Downey, who writes the “Get Schooled” blog, on what the results show and whether the tests are the best way to measure how well students are learning.We talk with Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Maureen Downey about this year's Georgia Milestones results. Then, Atlanta jazz singer Gwen Hughes adds two more songs to our Georgia Playlist. Plus, the Breakroom reconvenes to discuss the week's headlines.

We add two more songs to our essential Georgia Playlist. Atlanta jazz singer Gwen Hughes chooses hits from Johnny Mercer and Otis Redding. Then, the Breakroom gang looks back on the week’s news, including the end of VCRs, upskirting, and gator hunting in Georgia.


The Breakroom returns and talks about the social pressures of drinking Starbucks, taking a break from the headlines, and growing marijuana in Georgia.