The city of Dunwoody is still struggling with slow ambulance response times.


Records show an upward trend in response times to life threatening calls over the past four months in Dunwoody.


This comes a year after the metro Atlanta suburb declared an "EMS State of Emergency."




After reports of some 911 calls taking more than 30 minutes for help to arrive last summer, Dunwoody officials demanded more accountability from emergency provider, AMR.


The city eventually agreed to a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the company.


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The new agreement requires a response time of 15 minutes for basic calls and 9 minutes for life threatening ones.


Since October, times have improved compared to before the MOU. Yet, AMR has struggled to hit either of the average timing goals in a given month.


According to the Dunwoody Crier, AMR’s contract is set to expire this month. Two other providers have already submitted new bids.


DeKalb County, which oversees EMS for Dunwoody, will make the final call on whether to retain AMR or bring on a new provider.


The state could also choose to give Dunwoody its own EMS Zone, which the city currently shares with the rest of the county.