Today on Political Rewind our Town Hall at the University of Georgia in Athens.

What's on the minds of college students today as they survey the political landscape. Do they think the country and the state they're headed in the right direction? How inclined are they to vote or to become active in political campaigns as the 2020 election ramps up? Do they subscribe to a Republican or are they democratic in their outlooks?

We'll look at those questions and more with the students gathered here for our show.

Plus following your contentious legislative session Democrats are recruiting women who've declared they'll go after the seats of Republicans who work to pass the bill that all but outlaws abortion in Georgia.



Jim Galloway -- Lead Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Greg Bluestein -- Political Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Charles Bullock -- Political Science Chair, The University of Georgia

Kelsey Pruitt -- Student, The University of Georgia

Jaylen Black -- Student, The University of Georgia