Proposed Spaceport launch trajectory

Proposed Spaceport launch trajectory

Georgia Tech students will be on Georgia’s coast this weekend to test launch a rocket at the proposed spaceport site.

Georgia Tech rocket launch at Spaceport Camden

Members of the Yellow Jacket Space Program plan to launch an 8-foot-tall, 45-pound solid fuel rocket with an advanced control system at the site of the proposed Camden County Spaceport.

Aerospace Engineering Major Alton Schultheis said they’re testing their ability to make the rocket roll, which is a skill they need to build and launch larger liquid-fueled rockets.

“No matter how many times you check and you know that things are right, it still ends up being a little… your heart gets going a little fast. Even with small stuff," Schultheis said.

Instead of following the Spaceport’s proposed launch path over Cumberland Island National Seashore, this rocket will take off and land on Saturday in the same area.