The state House passed an amended budget for the current 2019 fiscal year.

The so-called “little budget” updates spending through June 30 and passed with only 8 "no" votes.

House Appropriations Chair Terry England (R-Auburn) said one change would provide more funding to try and help farmers recover from Hurricane Michael.

“We put $55 million in the special session towards the Georgia Development Authority for what I call these bridge or gap loans," he said after the vote. "Adding another $10 million, I still realize it doesn’t come close to meeting the need…”

In addition to that $10 million for farmers, the amended FY 2019 budget also includes Gov. Brian Kemp's requests for $69 million in one-time school safety grants and $8.4 million to provide mental health counselors in Georgia's public high schools.

Once the amended budget passes the senate, lawmakers will get to work on the governor's record $27.5 billion budget for FY 2020, which begins July 1.