Demographers call it a "silver tsunami."

Ten-thousand baby boomers turn 65 each day, according to Pew Research, and 90 percent of homeowners of retirement age say they want to spend their twilight years at home, according to the AARP. Whether it's the high cost of assisted living and long-term care or fears of lost independence or comfort, "aging in place" is now the biggest trend in senior living.

"On Second Thought" host Virginia Prescott speaks with Doug Lueder and Heidi Ewen.

We spoke with Doug Lueder and Heidi Ewen about the policies, organizations and communities developing around the increasingly popular decision to "age in place." Lueder is the Greater Atlanta advocacy chair of the National Aging in Place Council and CEO of Prosper Home Care. Ewen is an assistant adjunct professor in housing management and policy at the University of Georgia and director of healthcare management at the University of Indianapolis. Get in touch with us.


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